Why Do People Engage or Disengage

I’ve spent years interviewing people to hear their stories about why they stay or leave a company as a customer or an employee. As I’ve written before, there are many reasons why people stay or leave yet the summary of all those issues is “Listen to me!”

If you offer training programs to large groups of people, what’s the system you have in place to uncover who is honestly engaged and who’s thinking of leaving? This could be for sales training, business coaching, life coaching.  Any training that takes place over a period of time allowing participants an opportunity to lose interest.

If you own a company, how do you know if employees are enthused, or not, about working at their place of employment? If there are no systems or mechanisms in place to know who is engaged and who is disengaged, the probability of being blind-sided by multiple defections is high. And I have been a witness to those unnecessary defections time after time.

There must be a method or system in place to allow participants to vent or be heard. The system to uncover those disengagement issues can take many forms.

My husband and I set up weekly Check-ins as our system to make sure we are being heard. Sometimes we might present an issue that had been a source of aggravation. Other times, we may share a funny story that we hadn’t had a chance to share. We do planning, talking, sharing all for the purpose of staying current and engaged in our relationship.

HUDDLE Sessions are a system to make sure people have a chance to be heard. Participants get a chance to express themselves to evidence their engagement or disengagement in any learning program they paid for.

What keeps you going back to the same company over and over again? What are the reasons you have left a program even if you paid many dollars for it? Gym memberships, anyone?


Reposted with permission from http://www.GamesandTeamBuilding.com