The Best Spot Cleaner for Business and Life Challenges

I wasn’t looking to make this comparison, however it simply fell into place.

If you’ve ever had a spot show up on your clothing, carpet, deck, car or any other possession, you understand the desire to find a solution quickly. “Where’s the spot cleaner for this!”

Professional business, life or personal coaches hear about their clients’ challenges every day. In a way, the challenges are those “spots” that need to be addressed. Coaches are trained and passionate about understanding their clients and often use a variety of tools to enrich and motivate them. Huddle Sessions are a premier listening tool used by coaches and consultants.

A Huddle Session is like an extraordinary spot cleaner. Bear with me.

People attend a Huddle Session when they have an idea or challenge that needs to be resolved. (One of the best spot cleaners on the market is labeled “Resolve,” by the way.) Huddle Sessions are run by Certified Facilitators who add this service to their core business to help their clients deal with their spots, er….challenges in a unique and focused way.

Here is a comparison chart –


Do you see the similarities?

Until today, Huddle Sessions had never been called “spot cleaners.” Instead, they are described as Pop-Up or Temporary Advisory Boards. Each Session is conducted using a proven methodology which allows for feedback and idea exchange amongst the attendees. Every participant comes away with inspiration and solutions to their challenge they weren’t able to find on their own. The Certified Facilitator is able to learn more about their clients while helping them become more satisfied and loyal.

For more information that is spot on about providing this “spot cleaner” in your own business with your own clients, CLICK HERE.

What spot cleaner do you use to resolve your challenges?