Participant Testimonials

Read what selected participants are saying about their experience attending a HUDDLE Session:

Spectacular ideas! I got surprising ideas about my own idea!

Clarity about a nagging issue I couldn’t resolve on my own.

      I ventured into the Huddle session a little intimidated, but I found it immensely rewarding.  It allowed me to bring new optimism and confidence into my work and I made significant breakthroughs as a result.  I’ve been able to bring about new professional relationships, institutional change, and a clearer focus for the work I want to do now and in the future.  I’ll always be grateful for the amazing results of just one Huddle session, and I hope to do more! Donna S.

Access to a temporary brain trust.

See my problem from angles not previously considered.

Gain more focused direction, especially if I am over analyzing or spinning my wheels.

Ideas to pursue regarding my new course in life.

I really enjoyed the session and found it most useful.

Experience brainstorming at a brand new level.

It was helpful to define and speak openly about an issue.

Options to think about that I hadn’t thought of.

It satisfied my desire for a reality check.

Excellent forum when I feel a need for professional advice.

Interaction with outstanding minds across the globe who come together to support each other.

There are no preconceived assumptions from the others that would block a good outcome for me.

Getting the value from the diversity and quality of fresh perspectives.

The plethora of ideas I got were way more than I could have thought of myself.

Judith Dittman
It’s amazing what can be accomplished when four minds are focused on an issue. Huddle Sessions are a great and creative way to break through barriers and think outside of the box. Judith D., TheAlternativeHouse

I loved this concept of having a temporary board of advisors.

Great ideas that took me in a direction I wasn’t considering.

This will keep me from being an entrepreneur who gets stuck.

It gave me such a shot of adrenalin, hope and creativity!

I am now painting!  I have never painted before and I’m really good!

What a fantastic concept. I truly benefitted in so many ways.

I’m coming back over and over.  These Huddles are one of the best resources I’ve ever had.

I usually have trouble asking for help, which makes the Huddles work for me.

This satisfies my need for a brain trust!

I LOVED IT! Thank you so much for including me! The best part was I met three other fabulous people…an added benefit to the whole process.

cindy_gilmer croppedBased on how I described my personal and professional situation, my Huddle session participants felt that I needed something I was passionate about.  I was skeptical at first, but as I considered their advice, I came to the realization that I really did need a new passion and returning to painting has been the answer. I am now a landscape painter and I use the mountains as my primary source of inspiration.  Cindy G., Opus Plus

A real pleasure. I can taste success or at least the version known as clarity!

Your facilitation was perfect.  Because of that, we all left with improvements on our ideas.

This was a fantastic session! Sharing my problem was a positive experience and I loved that there was no sense of judgment.

I loved the Huddle Session! It helped clarify an issue and gave me an action plan.

Having the input from others was amazing and so helpful.

I thought my problem was trivial but I received so much guidance.

I really enjoyed the experience and am grateful for the ideas!

Cheaper than therapy!

I believe the benefits of HUDDLE can be felt immediately.

I’ve realized that I can belong to both the Huddle Group and my MasterMind Group and get different perspectives from both.

Thank you for asking me to attend the Huddle. It was a great experience. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and took away a lot of good insights.

HUDDLE is a winning formula for creative problem solving—it’s unique, objective and focused! Two heads are better than one, but a HUDDLE gets the job done.

This is amazing!  I had no idea.

Since the Huddle session, I’ve decided to keep the status quo on my dilemma for now

Huddle takes problems and turns them into ideas with potential.

I found a perfect name for my new program in a Huddle Session.

This was so cathartic!

What did I think one Session was worth?  $250.  Really.

It confirmed my instincts in certain areas and fresh ideas in other areas.

As an Alternate to the Huddle Group, I thought I would just be listening to the others and helping them with their issues. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much it directly helped me.

I went into it with a sense of frustration and being stuck and left with a renewed excitement.

I thought I had started lacking interest in my project, but now I feel more enthusiastic about it than ever.

I loved the suggestions and the feedback I got was right on.

I felt heard and validated and came away with sound ideas and perspectives.

I felt as if my team was handpicked for me!

The diversity of thinking and quality of fresh minds from the others who participate is extremely valuable.

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