Issues Presented

Participants who attend a HUDDLE Session are usually asked to come into the Session with an issue needing feedback.  They may have an idea or a challenge that needs to be explored.  The HUDDLE Session process works just as well with a mix of personal or business issues presented in the same Session.  Each Certified Facilitator sets his/her own goals for each Session.

Here is a random selection of issues that have been presented. 

I am searching to do something new in my life.
Can I skip doing social media in my business?
I’m in a coaching program and I feel blocked and may drop out.
I want to offer a new service in my business.
My business partner is not cooperating.
I have an idea; can I make money with it?
I am an entrepreneur working out of a home office and my husband doesn’t support me.
I have an idea but my employer is an obstacle and I need advice.
I spent a fortune in a sales coaching program but it didn’t work.  Now what do I do?
How do I have more fun!
We have been in business for 20 years and need ideas on how to celebrate.
My boss steals my ideas and takes credit. How can I continue in this job I love?
I have too many things on my plate but don’t want to give up anything. Help!
I have a great product to sell and want recommendations.
My daughter and I don’t get along.  What ideas do you have?
I manage a team of women and want them to stay connected.
I can’t seem to stay focused during the day; I get distracted.
My prospects aren’t buying.
Should I get a board of directors?
I want to send out a newsletter; what would make sense to come from my company?
I want to do blog talk radio.
I haven’t a clue how to develop a hobby; I only know how to work.
I’m done with lawyering but what else is possible?

Mary Kemmer bookHuddle has had a profound effect on my personal journey.  I came to the realization, with the support of the group, that I needed closure on my divorce and end of my marriage of 17 years.  The most important step for me was to change my surname.  I did not have children with my husband and there was really no reason to carry his name throughout the rest of my life!  I took action and thank the group for their caring support!  It changed my life! Mary K., Intangibles.

How do we promote the products we have created to our market?
I’ve never been good at sales and marketing and I think it’s hurting my business.
My colleagues are rude to me. What can I do about it?
Help me name my book.
Help me name my new service.
My idea might change my career path.  I need some outside feedback.
My husband laughs at this idea but I think I am on to something.
How do I prepare mentally and socially for retirement?
What should I be doing with my life; it’s gotten confusing.
I want someone who doesn’t know me to give me feedback on my business strategies.
My business is growing rapidly; am I being smart about this?
I want to help artists market themselves online and here’s my idea.
What is the best way to educate potential investors on what we do?
I have an idea for a board game.  What do you think?
Should I really get married again?
Help! I want our family reunion to be fun this year.

Judith DittmanThe session helped me clarify the risks and benefits of a major expansion.  The feedback brought forward the inner voice that I had been trying to ignore and led me to the right decision for my organization.  I’m so glad I had the support, feedback and encouragement of this cohort.  It made all the difference. Judith D. The Alternative House.

I need your ideas about how I can help my community here.
I need to work out of my home but I have no place to work.
My passion is public speaking. What have I overlooked about making this happen?
I want to work for a specific company; how do I get in?
My mother-in-law is bugging me; how do I resolve this?
I want to volunteer, but where?
I want to take a sabbatical.  How do I plan for this?
I am weighing options about expanding our business to a different region.
Am I doing the right thing for my teenage son who has disabilities?
I’d like to make more friends in my neighborhood.
I have employees who fight too much.

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