Don’t Make Me Do Networking

This is a special, personalized program run by Darcie Davis for people who must develop business but, for whatever reason, can’t, don’t or won’t do in-person networking.


If you are like many other business owners, you aren’t comfortable attending networking events as a means to growing your business and would like to find other more comfortable options. Darcie’s program, Don’t Make Me Do Networking, is developed specifically for you. You and Darcie will have three, private, one-hour sessions together by phone or video conference.  In those sessions, Darcie will ask many questions to gather intelligence about you and your business.

What You Get

At the end of your sessions, you will have an action plan with specific tactics you can take that do not include business networking.  Your action items will excite you, fit you and will work to get your business into another stratosphere.  Sound terrific?

Darcie has helped so many others find alternative ways to grow a business; she can help you too!

The cost of the program includes all of Darcie’s consulting time on the phone with you, the time she spends working behind the scenes on your behalf, and the deliverable you will receive.  You will be asked to purchase one $15 book as a vital component of your experience.

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