Create an Environment Where Hunches Can Collide


How do you get the best ideas out of people? Ideas are the fuel behind growth and the best ideas are coaxed, not commanded, out of our brains. They often start out as just a hunch before they grow into a full-blown idea. Often, that takes time. I admire personal and business coaches, teachers and team leaders who must have an abundance of patience yet must balance that patience with making sure their clients have new ideas, breakthrough bursts of learning and AHA moments.

Coaches are skillful at asking the questions that dig deep into a client’s heart and mind to find their own ideas for growth. Coaches encourage, not lecture, their clients to tease up ideas for improvement. Often that’s done in a one-on-one setting or within a group setting. I’m finding that many coaches are searching for more avenues that will let clients grow with their hunches.

Consultants, on the other hand, have a tendency to lecture and advise more than encourage. Effective consultants have a responsibility to provide a system that allows ideas to incubate, accelerate and come alive. That breeding environment doesn’t happen when consultants lecture and fail to coax. (note to self)

According to the following video, having systems in place will foster idea generation. Don’t be put off by the word “system” if you are of the school that believes ideas must show up naturally without system interference or restriction.

The video is captivating to watch on its own merits because Steven Johnson, the talent behind it, provides a mind-blowing demonstration of how and why we should use creative ways to connect and find other people who have “the missing piece that will complete the idea we are working on.” This video shows us WHY and HOW we can work together to propagate idea fragments, or “hunches” as he calls them to move toward stardom, success, innovation.

It’s a four-minute video worth watching.

Perhaps you already have multiple ways your clients can get feedback on their hunches so that they can know if their hunches have merit. As a prominent item in a coaching toolkit, HUDDLE Sessions were founded on the need to have a process that specifically shares and affirms hunches. Huddles are now one of the most efficient systems to use in order to generate, support, challenge and explode ideas and swap hunches. If this sounds like an idea you’d like to explore, click here and browse through all the information.

Creating your client environment that is rife with serendipity and idea-swapping could be that big breakthrough for your own practice.

Perhaps you have some ideas of your own about that.


Image Courtesy of Commons of Wikipedia