Business Development Boost

Straightforward Marketing and Sales Advice That Produces Results.

Biz-Dev-Boost-CD-Image-v03Business Development Boost was created to help Huddle Certified Facilitators take their businesses to a grander scale – to leapfrog over their competition and attract new business. Any new certifications or achievements require a step up in business development activities and this course is a perfect complement to the certification process.

If marketing or sales is not your main skillset, this training is for you. Join Darcie as she shares her two-decade’s of business development savvy in an easy-to-understand manner. If you have no marketing plan or use one that’s too complicated, she will provide you with the only essentials you will need to get your business moving forward, whether you’re just starting out or your business is already mature.

Whether you love executing sales activities or shy away from anything that looks like sales, Darcie’s training will give you the additional leverage to make things happen. You’ll have more confidence, knowledge and inspiration to develop more business.

You will get your training on your own time at your own pace through one video that is easily downloaded to your computer.  CLICK HERE to purchase.

Here is the outline of the curriculum:

Bus Dev Curriculum outline

Don’t be left out. Let this training be your best resource to grow a business that’s successful, efficient and beloved.

You will receive valuable guidance to develop your business, especially if you become a Certified Huddle Sessions Facilitator. When you complete your purchase, you will be directed to your training video.

CLICK HERE to purchase.

This training is available as a stand-alone package that can be purchased at any time whether or not you are a Certified Huddle Facilitator.

If you intend to get Certified to conduct your own HUDDLE Sessions, take advantage of the savings by purchasing both programs at the same time. The Combo Package is a bargain!

Check out the Combo Package and help your business get the proper nutrients from Business Development Boost.