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Create an Environment Where Hunches Can Collide

How do you get the best ideas out of people? Ideas are the fuel behind growth and the best ideas are coaxed, not commanded, out of our brains. They often start out as just a hunch before they grow into a full-blown idea. Often, that takes time. I admire personal and business coaches, teachers and team leaders who must have an abundance of patience yet must balance that patience with ….. read more

Are You Open to Feedback? Some of You Flinched.

Google will offer up 450,000,000 pages of information on “360 Reviews.” That’s a lot of feedback on feedback! Employees have been subjected to a review process for decades. When the more-comprehensive, 360-degree review methodology came into use, everyone in the organization got feedback from those up and down and all around them. Can we conclude that feedback is beneficial?…read more

You Shouldn’t Go it Alone

“I have to figure it out myself” is a dangerous attitude for any business professional to have. We aren’t wired to go it alone. We aren’t wired to be savvy and capable in every respect.

For several years I served as an adviser to a new incubator program that attracted entrepreneurs from all around the Washington DC region. Over time, we watched which entrepreneurs became successful and which did not. The success factor was…read more

Why Do People Engage or Disengage

I’ve spent years interviewing people to hear their stories about why they stay or leave a company as a customer or an employee. As I’ve written before, there are many reasons why people stay or leave yet the summary of all those issues is…read more

Pay For a Training Program Then Drop Out. Why?

In the business world, CEOs must avoid being blindsided. It’s critical they receive information about Unknowns that may make their company vulnerable. As I write this, I am curious about how Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki feel about being blindsided. I shudder. Both are piecing together organizations because critical information did not make its way up onto their Red Alert lists.  …read more

The Best Spot Cleaner for Business and Life Challenges

I wasn’t looking to make this comparison, however it simply fell into place.

If you’ve ever had a spot show up on your clothing, carpet, deck, car or any other possession, you understand the desire to find a solution quickly. “Where’s the spot cleaner for this!”

Professional business, life or personal coaches hear about their clients’ challenges…read more