About Huddles

Welcome to HUDDLE Sessions!

The powerful new tool to expand the value offered in group learning and/or collaboration.  

Use the proven methodology to:

  • Expand your company’s offerings without the cost and time commitment to research and testing
  • Add stickiness to training and learning
  • Strengthen client relationships and loyalty
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Reduce drop out rates
  • Add master mind or brainstorming energy
  • Build more revenue!
The tool is already developed and ready to go.  Add it to your professional toolkit and in less than two hours, you will have everything you need in order to thrill your clients/members from a whole new perspective.

Who Uses Huddles?

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Co-work spaces / executive suites
  • Membership groups
  • Trainers/facilitators
  • Franchise owners
  • Retreat services
  • Groups

HUDDLE Sessions are being implemented around the world by Certified Huddle Facilitators who want to do more to keep and dazzle their clients. They want something unique, helpful, and effective. They want something that’s already been tested and built. And they want an add-on revenue stream! HUDDLE Sessions are a cost-effective solution to make an auspicious difference in your business.

Huddles are excellent for getting feedback on both business and personal issues.

There are many ways to implement HUDDLE Sessions:

  • To provide low-cost collaboration for members in co-working spaces
  • To bond members together in membership groups
  • As a built-in component of a learning or training program
  • Re-unite retreat participants to ensure they are making changes they learned in the retreat
  • As an add-on service to a coaching or training program
  • As a brainstorming activity
  • As a problem solving activity
  • As an experience in providing and receiving candid feedback
  • To join people who may not work together but have a common connection (e.g. franchisees)
  • To join people who work together but not in the same daily department (managers in remote locations)

How Do HUDDLE Sessions Work?

Using a proven process, a Certified Huddle Facilitator guides four people through an experience that has all the energy of a brainstorming process.  Many users describe the experience as “Master mind energy but without the long-term commitment.”

The process was developed and refined over several years and has proven to bring impressive and often dramatic results.  Often referred to as Pop-Up Advisory Boards, Huddle Sessions complement coaching, training, and a variety of learning journeys. In two hours or less, each participant has an opportunity to be heard.  In the same Session, each participant also provides candid feedback to others. All participants walk away with new inspiration.

Everyone walks away with something.

HUDDLE Sessions can be conducted in person or through videoconference with participants anywhere in the world.  The Facilitator has an opportunity to view his/her clients or members with a whole new perspective. The Facilitator and all participants walk away with new insights.

Huddle Session in progress
HUDDLE Session in progress via video conference

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HUDDLE Sessions require a Certified Facilitator who has been trained to implement the proven process. No previous facilitation experience is required. The three easy training modules include the certification required to facilitate your own HUDDLE Sessions.

Certification is quick, easy and affordable.

Inviting your clients to HUDDLE Sessions will provide you with critical new perspectives about a challenge that may be interfering with their complete success. HUDDLE Sessions can provide opportunities for your services to prosper even more!

Two training modules are waiting for you. Everything you need to know is included in your training! When you complete your purchase, you will be directed to your first training video.

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  • A success booster for your clients/members 

    An as-needed brain trust.

  • A success booster for your program
  • A marketing advantage over your competitors
  • Revenue stream add-ons
  • Stronger referrals and loyalty from your clients/members

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